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It touches on the high points of the Report findings and introduces some of the changes happening in the market.

Gone are the days when firms concentrated their efforts on financial engineering to the exclusion of operational improvements. Now, it’s about increasing portfolio company revenues and reducing costs. Operational management is back in favor and is requiring both job candidates and the firms to rethink the required skill sets for success.

Last year we mentioned another industry trend to watch – the demand for internal fundraising team members. Fund managers are looking to broaden their investor base due to many investors directing new fund investments to more established funds. Firms are looking for individuals with proven capital raising experience and close Limited Partner relationships to help in that effort. This year a growing percentage of those with marketing and fund raising responsibilities identified themselves as dedicated solely to that activity.

The Private Equity Compensation Report is based on an industry survey conducted in Q4 of last year. Data was collected directly from hundreds of private equity and venture capital partners and employees.

Here is a video summary of the Private Equity Compensation Report.

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