About the Compensation Report

The Private Equity Compensation Report gives you an inside look at the industry in terms of compensation practices, work environment, time off and the impact of today’s markets on private equity pay.

The annual Private Equity Compensation Report is based on surveys designed to capture pay information directly from those directly involved in private equity and venture capital. Over the years, thousands of partners, principals, vice presidents, associates and others from investment firms, both large and small have contributed to the compensation reports. Here we summarize the results of the surveys to include some of the earnings data and other findings.

The Report has grown to be the most comprehensive benchmark for private equity and venture capital compensation practices. Some of the participating firms over the years include:

  • 3i
  • Actis
  • American Capital
  • Babson Capital Management
  • Bain Capital
  • Barclays Capital
  • BlackRock
  • Clairvest
  • CPP Investment Board
  • Deutsche Bank
  • DuPont Capital Management
  • EDC Equity
  • EdgeStone Capital Partners
  • Global Environment Fund
  • Highland Capital Partners
  • Hilco Consumer Capital
  • Kaiser Permanente Ventures
  • Kayne Anderson
  • North Atlantic Capital
  • Qualcomm
  • RBS
  • Safeguard Scientifics
  • SV Life Sciences
  • Time Warner Investments

The Private Equity Compensation Report will be of interest to both industry insiders and those looking to break into the industry.

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About the Authors

PrivateEquityCompensation.com is a division of Job Search Digest, a web-based career service catering to professionals in private equity, venture capital, and investment banking since 2002. Annually, the firm collects compensation data directly from hundreds of private equity and venture capital partners and employees from firms both large and small. The firm also publishes a blog on private equity and VC careers which can be found at www.InsideTheFirm.com