2015 Private Equity Compensation Report

List of Figures

Figure 1: 2013 Levels of Earnings
Figure 2: 2014 Levels of Earnings
Figure 3: 2013 Base vs. Bonus Pay
Figure 4: 2014 Base vs. Bonus Pay
Figure 5: Year over Year Change in Cash Earnings
Figure 6: Compensation Change by Title
Figure 7: Guaranteed Bonus Percentage
Figure 8: Cash Compensation Mean, Median and Ranges by Title
Figure 9: Size of Group and Firm
Figure 10: Compensation by Firm Size (Employees)
Figure 11: Type of Firm
Figure 12: Organizational Structure of the Firm
Figure 13: Compensation Differences Between Firm Type by Job Title
Figure 14: Change in Pay by Firm Type
Figure 15: Fund Performance Ranges
Figure 16: Bonus Level by Fund Performance
Figure 17: Most Common Investment Strategies
Figure 18: Size of Most Recent Fund
Figure 19: Average Compensation by Fund Size
Figure 20: Base Compensation Change by Fund Size
Figure 21: Change in Bonus Compensation by Fund Size
Figure 22: Mean Cash Compensation by Fund Size for Common Roles
Figure 23: Base and Bonus by Firm Size (AUM) and Title
Figure 24: Hours Worked per Week
Figure 25: Compensation by Hours Worked per Week
Figure 26: Earnings per Hour by Title
Figure 27: Vacation Earned
Figure 28: Vacation Taken vs. Earned
Figure 29: Job Security Concerns
Figure 30: Why Concerned About Job Security
Figure 31: Which Positions Are in the Greatest Demand
Figure 32: Work & Personal Life Balance
Figure 33: Quality of Firm’s Training Program
Figure 34: Size of Carried Interest Pool
Figure 35: How Carry is Shared
Figure 36: Carry Participation by Title
Figure 37: Carry Participation by Years of Work Experience
Figure 38: Executive Level Allocated Carry Percentages
Figure 39: Mid-Level Allocated Carry Percentages
Figure 40: Lower Level Allocated Carry Percentages
Figure 41: MBA Compensation Comparison
Figure 42: Years of Work vs. Private Equity Industry Experience
Figure 43: Sources of Private Equity Jobs
Figure 44: Backgrounds of Private Equity Professionals
Figure 45: Reasons for Dissatisfaction with Compensation
Figure 46: Who is Happiest with Compensation


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