2016 Private Equity Compensation Report

The Report addresses issues such as base and bonus compensation earned (both by title and by fund size), fund performance and its impact on bonus levels, the many facets of carried interest, satisfaction with pay and job security concerns.

List of Figures

Figure 1 Levels of Earnings – Last Year
Figure 2 Levels of Earnings – This Year
Figure 3 Base vs. Bonus Pay – Last Year
Figure 4 Base vs. Bonus Pay – This Year
Figure 5 Year over Year Change in Cash Earnings
Figure 6 Compensation Change by Title
Figure 7 Guaranteed Bonus Percentage
Figure 8 Cash Compensation Mean, Median and Ranges by Title
Figure 9 Size of Group and Firm
Figure 10 Compensation by Firm Size (Employees)
Figure 11 Type of Firm
Figure 12 Organizational Structure of the Firm
Figure 13 Compensation Differences Between Firm Type by Job Title
Figure 14 Change in Pay by Firm Type
Figure 15 Fund Performance Ranges
Figure 16 Bonus Level by Fund Performance
Figure 17 Most Common Investment Strategies
Figure 18 Size of Most Recent Fund
Figure 19 Average Compensation by Fund Size
Figure 20 Base Compensation Change by Fund Size
Figure 21 Change in Bonus Compensation by Fund Size
Figure 22 Mean Cash Compensation by Fund Size for Common Roles
Figure 23 Base and Bonus by Firm Size (AUM) and Title
Figure 24 Hours Worked per Week
Figure 25 Compensation by Hours Worked per Week
Figure 26 Earnings per Hour by Title
Figure 27 Vacation Earned
Figure 28 Vacation Taken vs. Earned
Figure 29 Job Security Concerns
Figure 30 Why Concerned About Job Security
Figure 31 Which Positions Are in the Greatest Demand
Figure 32 Work & Personal Life Balance
Figure 33 Quality of Firm’s Training Program
Figure 34 Size of Carried Interest Pool
Figure 35 How Carry is Shared
Figure 36 Carry Participation by Title
Figure 37 Carry Participation by Years of Work Experience
Figure 38 Executive Level Allocated Carry Percentages
Figure 39 Mid-Level Allocated Carry Percentages
Figure 40 Lower Level Allocated Carry Percentages
Figure 41 MBA Compensation Comparison
Figure 42 Years of Work vs. Private Equity Industry Experience
Figure 43 Sources of Private Equity Jobs
Figure 44 Backgrounds of Private Equity Professionals
Figure 45 Reasons for Dissatisfaction with Compensation
Figure 46 Who is Happiest with Compensation


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